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Shay & Kathy


Off the Racks

Growing up I loved the show "Full House", and didn't even know at the time that in real life Michelle Tanner was Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. The twins have blossomed into beautiful women, actresses, and now mogul fashion designers. They have a new clothing line called "The Row" which is flying off the racks in their New York showroom. The collection is driven by the idea of not exposing to much, and covering up by having "long, layering silhouettes".

The Row Resort 2011

In todays time, so many celebrities call themselves designers, but don't even know how to sketch, and just hire someone else to do the dirty work, while they just sit back and approve the work, or come up with a few ideas. According to Bazaar magazine, both Mary Kate and Ashley work very hard about six days out of the week on their line.

Since their line consist of simple suits, in which are all made in America, they want to dress First Lady Michelle Obama in The Row! So lets sit back and wait to see how that turns out......

Shay & Kathy


How did the JOURNEY Begin?

Kathy and I (Shay) attended to the University of Houston and graduated with degrees in Consumer Science and Merchandising. While obtaining our undergraduate degree, we were required to take an internship class but had no idea what we wanted to do. Kathy decided to intern at Lot 8 Boutique in Rice Village, and a semester later I joined the Lot 8 family.

Many may ask why we chose Lot 8, or believe that we only wanted to work there because of Chloe Dao (Season 2 Winner of Project Runway). Despite what some may think, we wanted to work at Lot 8 to gain experience in the fashion industry and get insight from Chloe on how such a busy lady runs a successful boutique.

From being interns, to sales representatives, doing marketing and public relations, as well as styling, we have been blessed to have been chosen to work with Chloe Dao and the Lot 8 team as well as network with many prominent fashion moguls in the Houston area!

So sit back, relax, and join us as we travel this journey after college...

Shay & Kathy